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 Valuable tips to ensure the longevity of your system:

·         Do familiarize yourself with the location of your system.

·         Do keep an “as built” system diagram in a safe place for reference.

·         Do divert surface water away from your leaching bed.

·         Do pump out your tank on a regular basis (three to five years).

·         Do repair leaky plumbing fixtures.

·         Do conserve water to reduce the amount of wastewater that must be treated.

·         Do replace old toilets with low-flush models.

·         Do keep lint out of your septic system by cleaning the lint filter on your washing machine.

·         Do keep the tank access lid secured to the riser all the time.

·         Do keep accurate records of septic system maintenance and service calls.

·         Don’t flush hazardous chemicals, paint, cigarette butts or sanitary products.

·         Don’t use a garbage disposal or garburator.

·         Don’t plant trees or shrubs too close to the system or leaching bed.

·         Don’t use special additives that are touted to enhance the performance of your tank or system.

·         Don’t dig without knowing the location of your septic tank.

·         Don’t drive over your tank or leaching bed.

·         Don’t enter a tank – gases and lack of oxygen can be fatal.

·         Don’t connect rain gutters, storm drains or allow surface water to drain into a sewage system.

·         Don’t leave inferior faucets on the protect water lines during cold spells – insulate your faucets and plumbing.

·         Don’t connect water softeners to your system. The salt content can destroy the bacteria required and can overload the system when backwashing.