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Never enter a tank You would probably be dead from noxious gases before you reached the bottom of the septic tank. Extreme care should be taken even when inspecting or just looking in the tank.


Keep the tank secure Secure and regularly inspect the lids to prevent deliberate or accidental entry. Keep children and pets away from the tank during servicing and cleaning.


Prevent electric shock and explosion Explosive methane and other gases are produced by your system. Do not smoke, use electric lights or power tools, or allow flame or sparks near your septic tank and treatment field. Maintain electrical connections in good repair and protect above-ground electrical components from weather and mechanical damage.


Avoid infectious disease Contact with the liquid, sludge and scum in the tank may cause infectious diseases. Wash thoroughly after any contact with you system.


Mark the system location and keep heavy vehicles and equipment off

Do not park, drive or operate any heavy vehicles on your tank or treatment field.


Keep fertilizers and flammables out of your system The risk of explosion occurs if fertilizers or petroleum products are placed in your system.


Smell of sewer gas in your home If you can smell sewer gas in your home, call a plumber. If the smell of noxious gases is strong, evacuate the building,  A sewer gas smell outside is a nuisance but normally poses no risk.



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Septic Tank Sales Richmond , Septic System sales Langley, Surrey