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Sewage back-up in a building:  is a serious health risk - avoid contact with the effluent. Causes for this could be roots clogging the pipes, blockage in the plumbing, excess water from a leaking tap, running toilet, pump failure or freezing. Reduce water use, repair taps and toilets, consult a professional to check pump and possible clean the septic tank.


Sewage surfacing in the yard: is a serious health risk - avoid contact with the effluent. Causes for this are excess water entering the system, system bloackages, improper system elevations, undersized soil  treatment system, pump or controls failure.Reduce water use and consult a professional  use a vacuum truck service and fence the area until the problem is remedied.  

Indoor Sewage Odor: Toxic gases can cause discomfort and illness. Cause for this is sewage backup in the house, the roof vent pipe is frozen closed, improper plumbing and sewage surfacing in the yard.Check and clear the roof vent, consult a plumber and consult a professional to   

check the pump and if needed clean the septic tank.


Outdoor Sewage Odour: is a major nuisance but is no serious health risk. Causes for this sewage surfacing in the yard, inspection pipe cap damaged or removed, the manhole cover is partially or fully open or the treatment plant is inoperable.Check the caps and replace them, secure and replace the manhole, consult a professional to repair or replace the treatment field.


System alarm activated: Wastewater may back up into the house, solids may enter the treatment field. The cause for this is the electrical breaker for the effluent pump tripped , the pump unplugged, the controls malfunctioned or the pump failed.Check the breaker and the plugs, consult a professional to check the controls and alarm and replace the pump.


Distrbution pipes and soil treatment system freezes in the winter: The system may be inoperable and the causes for this is foot or vehicle traffic over the piping and improper construction.Fence off the area and have a professional check the construction.


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Septic Tank Sales Richmond , Septic System sales Langley, Surrey